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Document Distribution
Review, Collaboration & Approval

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Fast, Streamlined & Automated

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Better Visibility,  Quality & Control

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Profitability & Scale with Reduced Costs

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Safe & Secure

How SavvyDox works

Distribute, review, collaborate & approve documents.

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Draft Document & Distribute

From within Word identify team members, restrictions (e.g. prevent printing), request reviews or approvals & due dates, whether to collect document analytics, etc. Team members receive notifications with a link directly to the document.

External systems integrated with SavvyDox may be used to originate and seamlessly  store subsequent document revisions (e.g. CRM, ERP, CLM, etc) .


Review & Collaborate  Securely               

Members can access & work on the document from any device (even offline with SavvyDox apps). Documents security is guaranteed as no one can access document outside of SavvyDox apps. Authors can also disable printing, limit text copying & revoke access at any time.

Threaded conversations can be restricted to the author, specific members, or involve everyone. Private personal notes can also be added & maintained.

Automatic collection of analytics (e.g. pages read), enhances compliance and provides management insight and visibility.

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Amend Document & Re-Distribute

Within a document, quickly locate changes, notes & responses.

Resolve & respond to notes, amend document, save & redistribute the revised document.

Revisions are also pushed to originating integrated external system (e.g. CRM, ERP, CLM , etc).

Easily compare or switch between document revisions.


Complete Reviews & Approvals

Members receive notifications and real time alerts of document  revisions, assigned tasks, notes added, etc.

From alerts, timelines, navigation panels everyone can quickly locate and access (single click) revisions, notes & responses.

Reject or complete reviews & approvals with a simple click at the top of the document.

Leverage information collected to audit and improve document collaboration processes.

Powerful Features - Amazing Results

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Ensuring secure, effective document review, communication and collaboration is challenging and made even more difficult with tight deadlines and members with conflicting schedules, offsite & offline.

SavvyDox is an elegant solution that provides powerful and comprehensive features and is yet easy to setup and use, resulting in invaluable document collaboration benefits of working faster, smarter & better without the usual frustrations & headaches. Some key features include:

Cross Platform

Review & collaborate your way, from any device, offsite or offline using word, browser, desktop or mobile application.

Never leave Word

Distribute & collaborate all from within Word.

Zero Footprint

No need to download & maintain any software.  

Threaded Chats

Collaborate with author, selected individual(s) or everyone (including from within Word).

Personal Notes

Create, manage & maintain (between revisions) your own private personal notes and activities.

Built-in Workflows

Out of box review and approval workflow.

View & Compare Versions 

Complete repository of all document activities and revisions. Easily switch & compare (without the need for Word).

Navigation Panels

Quickly identify & access document changes, notes & response activities.

Alerts & Notifications

Instant notification takes users directly to particular document revisions, notes and responses.


Timelines, tasks & document dashboards provide invaluable  summary insights.

Search & Filter

Quickly locate document changes, notes, responses & activities.

Personalized Organization

Categorize documents or create smart collections using tags to automatically group documents for quick access.

Single & Multiple Authors

Change or delegate document authoring or create collections consisting of multiple documents with different authors.

Management & Compliance Visibility

Non intrusive collection of information on pages being viewed, documents reviewed, approved, where are the delays, bottlenecks, etc.

Enhance Security

Restrict access and functionality on documents (copying, printing, etc). Expire documents and revoke access to prevent document leakage.

Flexible Deployment 

Deployment in a multi-tenant public cloud, hybrid cloud, single-tenant private cloud, or traditional on-premise deployment.

Seamless Integration

Access and retain information within your existing systems (CRM, ERP, CMS, CLM, etc).

White label & Embed

VAR / OEM partners are able to white label, brand and embed SavvyDox within their existing  solution offerings.


Comparison Review

SavvyDox is a (r)evolution in document distribution, review, collaboration and approval. Here is how it differs from other platforms and potentially enhances those platforms.

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Google Docs

The following are high level collaboration challenges with using Google Docs:

  • Google only content requiring google accounts

  • No nested notes, responses or discussions with author only or selected recipients.

  • No review or approval workflows

  • No change or activity alerts

  • No personal or private notes

  • Coordination complexities with multiple authors

  • Lacks navigation views to easily identify and view changes, insertions, notes, responses, etc.

  • Unable to revoke documents once downloaded (Document leakage security)

  • Lacks sophisticated document insights such as who viewed which pages

Learn more >

ERP, CRM & CLM Platforms

Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platforms have collaboration challenges such as:

  • ERP, CRM, CLM and other platforms typically offer limited document collaboration functionality if any at all.

  • Platforms that support collaboration generally implement it via online forms rather using Microsoft word. Result is limited formatting or compatibility issues when exporting it to word, requiring the need to learn new tools, lacks offline support, etc.

  • Lacks navigation views to easily identify and view changes, insertions, notes, responses, etc.

  • Lacks sophisticated document insights such as who viewed which pages.

  • Expose document structures such as fielded values or clauses that are often negotiated.

ERP, CRM, CLM and other vendors can white label SavvyDox, brand it and embed the software into their platforms to offer enhanced document collaboration functionality.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ECM systems (such as OpenText, SharePoint, Alfresco, Oracle, etc) are primarily focused on content and record storage, access and retention management rather than the content creation and collaboration. SavvyDox is a natural complement to ECM,  providing a simple, elegant and comprehensive out of box document collaboration functionality, adhering to ECM access, storage and retention rules.

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Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS)

EFSS systems (such as Box, DropBox, BlackBerry Workspaces and others) are primarily focused on file sharing rather than the content review, collaboration and approval. SavvyDox is a natural complement to EFSS, providing a simple, elegant and comprehensive out of box document review, collaboration and approval functionality. Documents approved within SavvyDox can be pushed to EFSS systems for general storage and sharing.

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Editions and Pricing

Collaborate, review and approve faster and smarter with any of the our editions.



User / Month


20 documents annually per user

Review & Approve Workflow

Full document analytics

Website support



User / Month


40 documents annually per user

Review & Approve Workflow

Full document analytics

Website Support

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User / Month


Unlimited documents

Full document analytics

Full Administration

Integration API

Public Users

Enhanced Support

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User / Transactional

Cloud, Private or On Premise

Unlimited documents

Full document analytics

Full Administration

Integration API

Public Users

Enhanced Support