Document-Centric Collaboration Increases Team Productivity

Team collaboration is more versatile in the cloud.

Team collaboration is more versatile in the cloud.

Working on documents as a team is frequently necessary, and using a content management program that includes the features you need and is simple to operate can make teamwork easier and save time. Learning about the different features offered in content management programs can help you decide which program will work best for your document collaboration to make the process run smoothly without adding complex features that are unnecessary and raise the cost.

Learning Curve Until the System Is Up and Running

This is probably one of the most important considerations when looking at content management programs. Some systems require months to learn how the program operates, and some can take up to a year. This can raise the cost considerably. Using a system that focuses solely on content management can drastically shorten the time necessary to get it up and running, providing cost savings.

Mobile Device Synchronization

Synchronization of your content management programs with mobile devices is an additional feature to look for since it allows team members to make comments, changes, or conduct work from anywhere and at any time. Those who use enterprise content management systems for content management find that, because all the information is held in a central server, it is not mobile-device friendly. Accessibility online or offline through the use of a mobile device adds important versatility to a system.

Mobile users can be part of the on-site team.

Mobile users can be part of the on-site team.

Track Changes in a Document

Collaborators on document preparation know that trying to read an MS Word document when it is filled with track changes can be difficult and tedious. However, showing those changes is important to understand how the document is evolving for finalization. ECM systems use the MS Word track changes, so you have a choice of viewing the document in the original view or marked up with the technicolor track changes. Other document preparation systems use MS Word but without the track changes on the document. Instead, thumbnails show the changes that have been made. This allows the viewer to see changes and a clean, readable document during collaboration.

Accessible Filing Structure

Individuals who end up with multiple versions of a document as it is changed or updated know that it can be difficult to locate older versions within the system, particularly if some time has passed and other projects are worked on in between. When documents are stored on a central server, files and folders can become difficult to locate. The ability to find the latest versions of a document to make comparisons or check initial changes is important and saves time and money, so this is an essential feature to look for when searching for a good document collaboration program.

Secure Document Storage

Cloud storage has become an important part of the workplace for document storage as opposed to the older, more conventional types of file storage. By using cloud storage, working as a team on documents, sharing, storage, and proofreading can be accomplished from a single location. In addition, cloud storage has been shown to be secure and cost less than traditional document storage software. This is one area that should also be considered when choosing a program that is useful for team participation.

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