Why do I need a Collaboration Solution?

Forrester and Ovum have noted that SavvyDox is between an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System and an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution.  That positioning creates a lot of confusion in the market and people wonder why they would need a cloud based mobile document collaboration solution.

When we speak with potential customers about SavvyDox, the first inclination of the IT team is to default to a comparison to something that they already know – an ECM or an EFSS.  It is very difficult to describe how SavvyDox can complement either one of those solutions when the discussion is at a 30,000 foot level.   After many attempts and failures at that level, it was recommended that a more detailed comparison to fully describe the differences was required.  If our customers can take the time to read the documents, their eyes are opened wide.  They see how SavvyDox can help bring out the full range of benefits from their ECM or EFSS by providing an end user focused and easy to use collaboration tool that can be integrated with an ECM or EFSS.  See the comparison to an ECM here and to an EFSS here.

SharePoint has been very effectively marketed and sold as a solution to help with collaboration and it does indeed provide some assistance with collaboration from a file storage standpoint.  Most people assume that if they have SharePoint, they don’t need another collaboration tool.  Take a look at this comparison to SharePoint to see how SavvyDox can improve the full end to end collaboration process and enhance the benefits from SharePoint.

Google Docs is a well-known solution that is used in many small businesses and it’s free.  In a 5-10 person company, it is probably “good enough”.  If a company has more than 10 employees who do a lot of collaboration, maybe SavvyDox can provide benefits that hadn’t even been considered.  Check out the comparison of SavvyDox to Google Docs here.

SavvyDox can be run as a complementary solution to SharePoint, an ECM, or an EFSS.  It can also be run as a standalone lightweight document storage solution if all the bells and whistles (and expense) of an ECM or SharePoint are not required.  Click here to see what CIO Review magazine says in their article titled “SavvyDox Solution for Document Collaboration Smoothens Workflow Management”

SavvyDox, the Next Generation solution for Mobile Document Collaboration –try it out for free and see how it revolutionizes cloud based document collaboration. (SavvyDox downloads) .