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Distribute easily — without giving up control.

Publish securely from your desktop or content management system. Control who has access. Get comments from reviewers on the move.

Always have the latest version.

See only what you need to see: what’s changed and who’s saying what. You have the key information to make decisions and get work done.

Track usage and page views.

Take control of critical documents. Enforce policy and compliance because you know who’s read what and for how long.

Simple reading and reviewing on the go.

Publish and track important documents – SavvyDox puts you in control.

Latest documents pushed to your mobile device.

No rework or time wasted with out-of-date docs. Open the latest version on your tablet with a few taps instead of spending minutes searching through directories.

Effective personalized reading experience.

See what has changed inside the document in seconds instead of sorting through hundreds of pages. Find, organize, and review documents in a way that works for you.

Simple publishing and review.

Use the tools you already know to distribute documents. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, PDF. Collect streamlined feedback – no more tracked changes! Comments can be public or private, but the pen stays in your hand!

Track who reads what.

Collect stats on pages read and time spent on each page for important, time-sensitive documents. Get the visibility and analytics you need to enforce compliance and complete audits.


Safe, flexible hosting and integration.

Multiple platform support means no one is left out. Be as nimble or secure as you need to be, in the cloud or behind your firewall. Build APIs to connect with your systems and automate processes.